GCash Update on Google Play Store 

Important Notice: the GCash app is currently not available on Google Play Store. 

You can still play through the S5.com website, kailangan mo lang mag-reset ng password mo. Here’s how: 

1. Visit the S5.com website. 

2. Click on "Login." 

3. Choose "Forgot Your Password." 

4. Pick between email or phone number reset. 

5. For email reset, enter your email, click "Send Mail," follow the link in your email to reset, and choose a new password. 

6. For SMS reset, enter your phone number, enter the code, choose a new password, and click "Submit”. 

Don’t worry, ka-S5, you can still continue playing on our website, you just have to follow these easy steps. 

Good luck, at salamat sa pagintindi!